Pot-Purri Bowl #

A client has commissioned me to turn a decorative bowl for use upon the dining room table to hold pot-purri, when the table is not being used by the family.  The instruction was that the bowl is to be made from English oak, to match the legs of the dining table, which are visible through the glass surface; and the design of the bowl is to be in keeping with the format of the oak legs, which form two ‘X’ shapes, at 90° to one another.
It sounded fine to begin with.  Not a problem.  I initially suggested a bowl turned from a 12″ cube shaped blank of oak so that the finished bowl would have four prongs resulting from the four corners of the cube, which would replicate the tops of the four table legs.
Great so far.
Until the question of sourcing the 12″ cube arose ~ followed by the cost of the cube.
I have a lot of oak in stock, but inevitably not a seasoned 12″ cube: and the 12″ dimension is part of the client specification.
So I started to look at other possible design shapes.
I produced sketches on AutoCAD of several different shapes and formats, and submitted them to the client.
Each was well received, but it was clear that nothing ‘rang-their-bell’.
And in the midst of my sketches I did one which was not a turned bowl at all, but an inverted truncated pyramid, but with the fours sides curved rather than being uniformly, and probably totally uninterestingly, flat.  Without much thought, I posted it to the client.
Almost immediately, I received an instruction that the inverted pyramid was exactly what was required.  I confess to being somewhat surprised as I had offered it as merely a passing thought ~ an idea ~ a concept; nothing more.

However, we now had a design to work to and the positive side of the selection was that the material cost will be relatively negligible when compared with a seasoned 12″ cube of oak.
I have the 32mm x 170mm material in stock.
The less positive side of the selection is that I have had to put my ‘thinking-cap’ on to visualise how I am to make the bowl and produce the finished article to represent the sketch that I so thoughtlessly :oops: produced.

I made a start yesterday (Friday) and produced the initial blanks from my stock.
And I have decided to blog the process, with accompanying photos, as part of the ongoing project.
It may be that it fires your imagination.  And you would like to try something similar.
It may be that you conclude that I am quite mad.
Whatever: :-D :-D