5 Stags

I don’t often take a great deal of notice of artwork which I have in the workshop, to frame.  More often than not it is another piece of work – unless the subject particularly catches my eye.
And yesterday, a gentleman spoke to me outside my workshop, asking if I was ‘the picture framer’.  I conceded that yes, I was.  He asked if I could frame a photo for him.
And what a photo it was.
Five pristine Triumph Stags, lined up together.  In a parking bay which looked as if it had been designed specifically for them.  (if you don’t know what a Triumph Stag is – Google is your friend)

We agreed on a frame profile – and a price for the work.  And I reluctantly suggested that he could return for the finished article today.
Reluctantly, because when I was in my 20s – a long time ago – the Triumph Stag was one of the vehicles that I coverted, and longed for.
(I settled instead for an ex police Triumph 2.5 PI)

My friend, who lives across the road, and is approximately the same age as myself, responded to the photo in exactly the manner that I did.  And during yesterday afternoon and this morning until I started work on it, there have been a succession of similarly aged ‘memory laners’ through my workshop to oggle at the photo.
Suffice to say, the photo has been mounted, glazed and framed and returned to its owner.  But I did enjoy it whilst it was in my care.

So, thank you Marcus, from each of the locality’s ‘old-fogies’.
May your picture always hang straight.

More on the Scammer

I now have Denny Ebbett’s mobile number and his/her I.P. address.
Thank you, sincerely, to the kind recipient of one of Ebbett’s Emails, for providing me with that information.

And I have people, who know how to use the information I have provided them with, who are working now to trace this woebegone excuse for humanity.
Surprisingly,  his/her mobile is switched off, but I have sent him/her an advisory message.

Beware the Scammer

Today, Wednesday the 27th August 2014, I have received several enquiries from people who have received an Email, purporting to be from sales@turnaroundartwork.co.uk, stating that a sum of money has been, or will be, debited from their personal bank account, via debit or credit card.


I have not, nor would I ever, issue an Email concerning the direct payment of money.
I do, and will always, conduct this area of work via an invoice, specifying an order number or reference.  Furthermore it will also always be addressed to the recipient by name, and it will always be delivered via the normal postal facilities.
Usually Royal Mail

The scroat who is perpetrating this scam has named him/herself DENNY EBBETT.

Please ignore any correspondence which is couched in the format detailed above. And if you are, or have been the subject of this idiots version of ‘fun’, please accept my sincere apology for any inconvenience or distress that this moron has subjected you to.

I am doing everything possible at the moment to identify the IP address & IP host of this prankster.  And if I am successful and am able to locate him/her, he/she may regret their use of my website.

Kind regards,