A Change of Tactic

I am in the process of making an oak notice board for the local Parish Council to be erected outside the Council offices, to provide information for the populace of the village.

And part of the specification for the board is that it incorporates two headboards, each with the name of the village carved into the oak board.   The notice board will be positioned so that it can be viewed from the road, by passing motorists.  And from the pavement, by the pedestrian village residents.

Now, those of you who read my blogs regularly will be acquainted with the fact that I have a neighbour friend, who lives across the road, who often calls into my workshop to see what I am up to.  And today, as almost every other day, was no exception.  Except that today, having been over during the course of the morning, he expressed his interest in the matter of me carving the lettering in the headboards.  Contrary to his usual, occasionally subtle, but more often blatant sarcasm, he seemed somewhat impressed by an activity which was obviously a new experience to him.
I offered him a cup of tea; it being close to eleven o’clock, which he graciously accepted, as he does every time he visits.  Whilst this is a relaxing break from whatever I happen to be engaged in at the time, it often results in the loss of an hour of work time.
Most days, I don’t mind as I don’t work to a tight schedule.   Unless I am in the process of working on pieces which I have promised clients will be complete and ready for collection by a specified time.  But normally I have time to chat.  I can always make up the time later in the day, if necessary.
However …………

The result of his interest was that my friend returned in the afternoon to see how I was progressing with the carving.  That was his purpose.  Though he heralded his second appearance of the day with a quite different, but obviously trifling reason.   And, of course, following a brief chat about the carving, the invitation for a cup of tea.  Again, which he graciously accepted.

So, that is two hours gone.

I’m going to have to revise my tactics about offering refreshment, whenever he appears in the future.
Either that, or I’m going to start being particularly rude about his sarcasm and supposed wit.

It’s costing me a fortune in teabags, milk and sugar.
To say nothing of the time taken to sit and drink it.   :-)

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