Bare Hockey Sticks

In the morning I will be in the [dirty] workshop, complete with apron, plenty of paper towel and a bowl of cold water.  The bowl of cold water?  Well, I’m going to do some hand finishing on a selection of natural (ash) hockey moulding, for two frames to be made up for a client, next weeek.  And to keep the process moving along at a reasonable pace, between coats, I use a paint stripping gun, on the low heat setting, to dry the applications of whatever I’m finishing the frame moulding with.  Lots of people use hair driers.  I don’t have a hair drier. The fact is, that I don’t have a lot of hair, so ….. no requirement for a hair drier.  However, whatever I use, I’ll guarantee that I’ll burn my hand, or at least a finger with it.  Often not from the stream of hot air, rather from the hot plastic or metal that the hot air passes through.  So the bowl of cold water is there to plunge whichever part of my extremities gets burned, into. It does nothing to reduce the flamboyant language, but it does mean that the pain goes away slightly more quickly.    I’m not very good with pain.  :-x

When I’ve completed the frames, I’ll upload some pictures, and describe the procedures.

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