Beware the Scammer

Today, Wednesday the 27th August 2014, I have received several enquiries from people who have received an Email, purporting to be from, stating that a sum of money has been, or will be, debited from their personal bank account, via debit or credit card.


I have not, nor would I ever, issue an Email concerning the direct payment of money.
I do, and will always, conduct this area of work via an invoice, specifying an order number or reference.  Furthermore it will also always be addressed to the recipient by name, and it will always be delivered via the normal postal facilities.
Usually Royal Mail

The scroat who is perpetrating this scam has named him/herself DENNY EBBETT.

Please ignore any correspondence which is couched in the format detailed above. And if you are, or have been the subject of this idiots version of ‘fun’, please accept my sincere apology for any inconvenience or distress that this moron has subjected you to.

I am doing everything possible at the moment to identify the IP address & IP host of this prankster.  And if I am successful and am able to locate him/her, he/she may regret their use of my website.

Kind regards,

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