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Many of my blogs, which you will find as you scroll down the page, or view as Recent Posts on the Welcome Page display are, by nature, diary entries or personal observations.

However, some are/will be of a tutorial nature, which may, or may not, contain photographs of work as it progresses and the completed article: lists of tools and equipment required; process suggestions; and advice on trade/craft tips & tricks or shortcuts, which may be beneficial yet still safe and within the bounds of acceptable practice.
You will find these types of blog marked with the hash symbol :-     #

Please feel free to add your positive * comments/observations/perspective or suggestions to all or any of the blogs, once you have registered on the site.

Note: *  Positive, in this context, means beneficial to the majority, if not all: it may contain constructive critique or alternative views.  Each are perfectly acceptable.  However, rude, personal, inappropriate or unnecessary comments will be removed, without reference, by the Administrator.  A repeatedly offending contributor will also be privately advised of the consequences of further similar offerings, by the Administrator.
However, given that 99% of people do not feel the need to be offensive, purely for the purpose of making what they consider to be a valid point, Admin is confident that such recourse will be largely unnecessary. :lol:

Hopefully, the procedure for registering as a subscriber, to comment upon any of the blogs, is self explanatory.  However, for details of how to register with the website, if you experience problems, please contact me
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