Finish Is Paramount

When most men look at cars, particularly fast-looking cars, the first thing that they look at is the speedometer.  To ascertain the top speed ~ then they may look to find out how many miles the vehicle has covered.  When most women look at babies, particularly if they know the parents, the first thing that they say is, “doesn’t he/she look like you?”  Promptly followed by “isn’t he/she beautiful?”  No matter how like a pickled walnut the baby resembles.   People generally; and purchasers in particular, who are considering parting with their hard-earned cash are nothing like as euphemistic or starry-eyed.  They want what what they consider to be equable value for the money they are about to part with. Now what you are satisfied with may be far in excess, or alternatively not even getting close to being acceptable, to someone else.  So everything, as the saying goes, is subjective.     Relative, if you prefer, and are particularly Einsteinian.   :-)

However, what is indisputably true is that when someone commissions you to frame their personal piece of artwork, the first thing that they will scrutinize, upon being presented with the finished article, whether specifically or covertly, is the mitres and corners of the frame.  If, as a framer, you ensure that you cannot be criticised in that area of your work, you are at least half way to being sure of a satisfied customer.  And with the modern trend for pre-manufactured, pre-finished sticks of moulding, even the sharpest of Morso F guillotine blades and the most careful of operator cannot guarantee a 100% success rate for all mitred corners on all frames produced.   And when the section is either so small or so large that the ubiquitous underpinner wedge is either too much, or even if stacked, woefully inadequate ~ so that the joint must be cross-pinned instead; the requirement for a suitable filler and finish paste is vital.         And in this respect, I can certainly recommend the Liberon range of products.   Their creams, waxes and fillers are, in my opinion, excellent.  I personally tend generally, not to put too much store by their descriptive advice, preferring to follow my own methods, but that in no manner detracts from the superb results to be obtained using these products.

Finally, be assured that such observations are entirely a matter of personal opinion and perception, and are not in any manner solicited by the manufacturer mentioned, nor any subsidiary of the manufacturer.  :-D :-D