A Change of Tactic

I am in the process of making an oak notice board for the local Parish Council to be erected outside the Council offices, to provide information for the populace of the village.

And part of the specification for the board is that it incorporates two headboards, each with the name of the village carved into the oak board.   The notice board will be positioned so that it can be viewed from the road, by passing motorists.  And from the pavement, by the pedestrian village residents.

Now, those of you who read my blogs regularly will be acquainted with the fact that I have a neighbour friend, who lives across the road, who often calls into my workshop to see what I am up to.  And today, as almost every other day, was no exception.  Except that today, having been over during the course of the morning, he expressed his interest in the matter of me carving the lettering in the headboards.  Contrary to his usual, occasionally subtle, but more often blatant sarcasm, he seemed somewhat impressed by an activity which was obviously a new experience to him.
I offered him a cup of tea; it being close to eleven o’clock, which he graciously accepted, as he does every time he visits.  Whilst this is a relaxing break from whatever I happen to be engaged in at the time, it often results in the loss of an hour of work time.
Most days, I don’t mind as I don’t work to a tight schedule.   Unless I am in the process of working on pieces which I have promised clients will be complete and ready for collection by a specified time.  But normally I have time to chat.  I can always make up the time later in the day, if necessary.
However …………

The result of his interest was that my friend returned in the afternoon to see how I was progressing with the carving.  That was his purpose.  Though he heralded his second appearance of the day with a quite different, but obviously trifling reason.   And, of course, following a brief chat about the carving, the invitation for a cup of tea.  Again, which he graciously accepted.

So, that is two hours gone.

I’m going to have to revise my tactics about offering refreshment, whenever he appears in the future.
Either that, or I’m going to start being particularly rude about his sarcasm and supposed wit.

It’s costing me a fortune in teabags, milk and sugar.
To say nothing of the time taken to sit and drink it.   :-)

It Would Be So Nice ….

On a Sunday morning, I go shooting.     At a club local to Northampton, called Sywell Range, which accommodates clay shooters, full-bore pistol and rifle indoor and outdoor shooters, and outdoor airgun shooters.  And it is the airgun rifle shooting that I participate in.  Not at anything live, I hasten to add.  At ‘tin-chickens’:  which are silhouettes of live game, but with a kill-zone within each profile, which if you hit, the target falls over.  It is a sport discipline called Field Target shooting, or FT for short.  It is very popular in the UK.
I am, admittedly, a very poor shot.  In fact I am probably the undisputed most crap shot in the whole of the airgun section of the Sywell Range.  But that means that I am under no pressure to perform to a particular standard.  Or indeed, to any standard at all.  I am free to just turn up; and enjoy myself amongst a bunch of like minded people, whose company I enjoy enormously.  And being out in the fresh air on a Sunday morning, whatever the weather, makes it all worthwhile.
In fact, according to Neil, the clubs possibly longest serving member, and Range Officer, and one of the hardest working amongst all of us, in terms of keeping the club operational, I am there for everyone else to ridicule, and delight in, at the appalling results of my shooting. (I generally reckon that if I hit half or more, of the forty targets, I have had a very good day.)
Which, you may consider as being a fairly harsh and unnecessary thing to say to anyone.
But I can assure you that it is not either said, nor intended, in a derisory manner.  (Well, not very derisory, anyway.  :-) )
Good, wholesome banter is an essential part of the clubs ethos.  Though admittedly not mentioned in its Articles of Constitution.   Most of the stick which I receive, I probably deserve:  and what I don’t deserve I receive anyway – because it is always so graciously provided.
Neil, Phil and a number of other notables within the club, are also incidentally, some of the people who have helped me most in terms of my transition from an utter novice with no idea, to the most crap shot in the club, with no idea.  So I have much to be grateful for, from Neil and his fellow proficient members, who have been so instrumental in my dismally appalling progress. :-)

I have related that because, this morning, I was talking to Phil, a good friend at the club, who told me that he had been reading some of my latest blogs.  And he stated how much he enjoyed reading them.

But he didn’t leave a comment.
And I do wish he had.         It Would Be So Nice ….  to hear his thoughts.
And the same is true for everyone who reads my blogs.
It really is very easy to post a comment  (please do ensure that it is reasonably civil and well mannered – you may never know who else will read your comment)

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Click on it and enter your proposed User Name & email address.  The webmaster will then send a password to your email address, which you enter into the appropriate section, then  you Log In: and submit your comment

Give it a try.  You may find that you enjoy it.
Your comments may be as honest as you wish, but please do respect the necessity to be well mannered.
Offensive &/or bad mannered posts will be removed, without exception.


Last week a young man walked into my workshop and asked me what I was doing.

I told him, though he actually didn’t seem that interested. I got the impression that he just wanted to chat.      That’s okay. I have time to chat.
So long as this young man is not looking around too attentively; sorting out in his mind what is in the workshop and whether he, and a couple of his buddies, can carry it out during the hours of darkness. His eyes seemed to settle upon the access and the door locks.
I mentioned, just in the course of conversation you understand, that most of the machinery weighed in at approximately half a ton. I also went on to explain my thoughts on the subject of trespass, the police’s lax approach to it, and my willingness to break bones when and where necessary.
I think that he got the point because he relaxed a lot, giggled in a manic sort of fashion, and started asking my views on graffiti as an art form.

I explained that I have no problems with graffiti for the simple reason that it I can’t do anything about it. I suggested that it is rather like me telling a recently pubescent teenager that they must not masturbate because it will result in a lifetime of blindness. Their little hands will become a blur once they realise that they are not actually walking into things any more that they did before speaking to me.

So Grant says, “the government are going to pass a law banning graffiti in public places.”

Is there really any point in plastering private places with graffiti?

Yes, he’s told me that his name is Grant. And if it is, judging by the way he was casing my property and goods, I would only believe him if he then said that his surname was Edbail. But, as it happened, I had also heard a rumour that banning graffiti was part of a government programme.
They might as well introduce a law to stop all crime.
That would be novel.
Make crime a criminal offence.

Is it just me?
Does no-one else realise just how stupid people in government really are?

More on the Scammer

I now have Denny Ebbett’s mobile number and his/her I.P. address.
Thank you, sincerely, to the kind recipient of one of Ebbett’s Emails, for providing me with that information.

And I have people, who know how to use the information I have provided them with, who are working now to trace this woebegone excuse for humanity.
Surprisingly,  his/her mobile is switched off, but I have sent him/her an advisory message.

Beware the Scammer

Today, Wednesday the 27th August 2014, I have received several enquiries from people who have received an Email, purporting to be from sales@turnaroundartwork.co.uk, stating that a sum of money has been, or will be, debited from their personal bank account, via debit or credit card.


I have not, nor would I ever, issue an Email concerning the direct payment of money.
I do, and will always, conduct this area of work via an invoice, specifying an order number or reference.  Furthermore it will also always be addressed to the recipient by name, and it will always be delivered via the normal postal facilities.
Usually Royal Mail

The scroat who is perpetrating this scam has named him/herself DENNY EBBETT.

Please ignore any correspondence which is couched in the format detailed above. And if you are, or have been the subject of this idiots version of ‘fun’, please accept my sincere apology for any inconvenience or distress that this moron has subjected you to.

I am doing everything possible at the moment to identify the IP address & IP host of this prankster.  And if I am successful and am able to locate him/her, he/she may regret their use of my website.

Kind regards,