Concentrated Effort

For the next couple of days I am going to apply myself, with concentrated effort, to do all of the things that I know I should be doing but, for a whole variety of very plausible reasons (to me at least) have not being done.
And I have become increasingly conscience struck by my lack of application.
[I'm not doing confessional because it's Sunday morning]  I’m on this website, in my ‘clean workshop’, in the warm, until my pride will no longer allow me to sit here typing: at which point I’ll grit my teeth, gird my loins, put my fleece and my apron on, and go into the (relatively cold) ‘dirty workshop’ and make a start.  :roll: :-?

On Tuesday, I have a gentleman coming to view the ‘matriarch’ Morso, with a view to purchase.  We’ve discussed the matter fully and agreed upon a suitable exchange rate. And subject the him being satisfied with his prospective purchase, he will take the ‘old lady’ back to Worcestershire.  :-D
In the interim, I don’t want to make too much mess in the workshop, as I’ve cleaned and tidied up, prior to his visit. And the Morso is cleaned and awaiting his inspection, under dust a sheet.

So today, I am going to make pens:lol:
Ball-point Pens.  Fountain Pens.  Propelling Pencils.  And Pen Sets.
‘Slimlines’ for the ladies and youngsters
A whole variety of ‘chunky’ styles, for the men.
And each of them with a varied selection of exotic woods.
oak ~ ash ~ sycamore ~ spalted beech ~ rosewood ~ walnut ~ cherry ~ plum ~ teak ~ zebrano.
Probably five or six of each.

That should keep me busy during the remainder of today and Monday.
And on Tuesday afternoon, I can photograph and catalogue them and put them up for sale, here on the website.
So if you’re looking for something appropriately classy and good quality ~ a bit different ~ with a realistic price tag, for presents for Christmas, a birthday, athank-you‘, at any time of the year, come and have a look, under the ‘Turning‘ tab, later in the week.  :-D

A pen selection is now available to purchase: maybe a stocking-fillers for Christmas.
Maybe for a coming birthday, for a friend or family member.
Have a look and see if anything takes your fancy  :-)

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