Disabled Air Gun Shoot – Lichfield

Wednesday 7th August 2013 was the date for the outdoor event which enabled disabled people to shoot air rifles in an organized setting.

Promoted by www.growingruralenterprise.co.uk and principally sponsored by Armex this was an educational and experience day for a significant group of disabled people from the locality of Lichfield.  In addition, a number of children present also had the opportunity to participate.
The whole event was staffed by friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable people from the air-rifle community as well as regular staff from the event organizers.
Safety, coupled with the opportunity for those attending to enjoy themselves in a friendly and helpful environment was the primary theme for the entire days activities.
Managerial and technical staff from Armex also attended to ensure that there would be no difficulties with the rifles and equipment.
Team Wild Media, who provided some of the prizes to be won by participants, and who represented NiteSite; the donator of the units, were also present at the shoot.

Photographic prints from the event will be on sale here, at no more than cost to produce & deliver, to the organizers, sponsors and the day’s participants.

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Everyone arrived at the reception area at 9:30am

1Kpx 016
And at break times returned to the reception area to eat, drink and chat.
1Kpx 027 1Kpx 024 1Kpx 028 Instruction and directions provided by Nick Platt
Director of Growing Rural Enterprise & the WELLIES project, before everyone dispersed to their allocated activities.
1Kpx 023 Balloons being filled with water to be used as exploding targets on the air pistol Fun-Range.
1Kpx 013 1Kpx 015
Action on one of the Rifle Ranges

Some of the participants

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1Kpx 032 1Kpx 126 1Kpx  1191Kpx 147
1Kpx 148 1Kpx 117 1Kpx 073

I’ve called these Ahhhhhh Shots
1Kpx 135 1Kpx 086 1Kpx 078 1Kpx 089
I suppose that these two should be called just Animal Shots
1Kpx 010
1Kpx 108

Range Shots
1Kpx 105 1Kpx 013 1Kpx 015 1Kpx 071 1Kpx 101
1Kpx 093 1Kpx 154 1Kpx 156 1Kpx 181 1Kpx 188 1Kpx 195

Promotional Shots
1Kpx 205 1Kpx 208 1Kpx 209 1Kpx 215 1Kpx 218 1Kpx 220

A whole collection of people who either participated or assisted.  Each and every one a wonderful personality who contributed to making the day’s event such a resounding success.
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You can, of course, contact Nick Platt & Julie White from Growing Rural Enterprise Ltd via the company website ~ www.growingruralenterprise.co.uk and learn more about the WELLIES project
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