I’m unsure, at the moment, whether it is enlightening or worrying, that customers have such a varied and far reaching perception of what picture framers and wood-turners do.

This particular customer turned up with eight McIntosh dining room chairs.
Could I please re-upholster the seat squabs and re-glue the joints of the chairs?  It’s true that these particular items were showing signs of considerable use by persons (or otherwise overweight mammals) greater in mass than the McIntosh designers had envisaged would be using their products.
Disintegration would certainly be an inappropriate term: imminent collapse would seem to fit the bill quite nicely though. :lol:
McIntosh furniture is very good quality ~ from the 1960-70′s era.
Kirkcaldys’ finest.
But these particular pieces had been subjected to either an exuberantly boisterous family or a hard life.  It’s the same thing, I suppose, really.

Oh, and could you re-polish the chair frames too, please?
Oh and, there is a dining table, to seat ten, and an 8′-0″ long sideboard from the same suite, which needs re-polishing if that’s possible, when you’ve finished the chairs.
Oh yes; another thing. I want two carvers made, to match the eight chairs, as well please.

I explained to her the bit about picture framing and wood-turning, but it didn’t seem to register at all.  It was almost as if I hadn’t even mentioned it.
I said that I’d contact her in due course, with a quotation: first for the restoration of the chairs, then we’d see.
The theory, in business, is that when faced with work which you do not want, for whatever reason, you submit a quotation which takes the customers’ breath away.  Literally. :lol: :lol: If they hastily look around for a seat to sit upon, and look faint, you know that you’ve achieved your goal.  :twisted:   It’s not that I don’t particularly want the work; but if I become inundated with framing &/or turning work as well, I’m going to be working day and night shifts, just to keep everyone happy

I contacted a local upholsterer and obtained a quote from him.
Based upon his quotation, if the client has all the work done which she is planning upon, she’s definitely not going abroad for any more holidays for quite some time to come.
A long weekend in Corby, in a tent, maybe:  if she pays for it in installments. :roll:

Well, as you can see, I have concluded by on taking on the commission, with the condition that it will take a month to complete ~ thus allowing for any sudden influx of framing or turning work.   Even if, or even hoping that, I don’t get inundated with other work, I will certainly be able to take a holiday in the Caribbean at Christmas.   :lol:

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