Double Your Money

To those of you not old enough to remember the veritable Hughie Green, the title will mean nothing to you at all.  And given that you may be one of those who can’t remember Mr Green, you may consider yourself to be at an advantage, both in terms of age and the ‘questionable’ experience.

Be that as it may, this morning, with no effort on my part, a customer whom I had framed a watercolour for some months ago, rang to ask if I could be of assistance to him again.
He had a medium sized photo, taken in RAW and edited in PaintShopPro, which he would like two prints of:  and would I please frame it for him?
Gladly  – I always enjoy doing work for established customers.
We resolved frame profiles, mount and glass selections, and I duly quoted the price to him, including the two prints.  And, in the course of conversation he made reference to two frames.

When we had originally spoken he had not instructed me that he wanted both prints framed, merely that he required two prints.
So both prints framed ~ double the material ~ but also double your money.

Not a bad start to the day.
The materials which are not in stock are now ordered.  The prints are processed and likewise ordered.
Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together.”

Oh   -  Come on.    :roll:
If you’re reading this, you’ve got to be old enough to remember that one.   :lol:

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