NN3 Dredging Works 2012

Very close to my property is a small lake.  It is generally the home to any number of ducks, moorhens, coots, swans, land-gulls and is even a fishing ground for one of the two local herons.  The lake is fed from a brook which traverses a local allotment, which is itself fed by two lakes in nearby Abington Park.  It discharges over a silt barrier weir into another small stream which subsequently flows into the River Nene.

Two weeks ago a team of contractors moved excavation equipment onto one of the road-side banks, to commence a dredging operation, as part of the government’s Flood Defence Programme .  At this point the moorhens & coots left the area.  There is an abundance of streams and ponds locally as well as the river, so they will not be lacking for alternative accommodation.  The heron has been seen only once, since the commencement of the work; and that was merely an aerial reconnaissance of one circuit, then away again.

Details of the work in progress, and a variety of photos, can be found under the Photos drop-down menu entitled, Environmental Works NN3.

The progress of the works will be described and illustrated as far as possible, sequentially, and hopefully followed to the completion of the works

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