2011 Race For Life

Every year, Northampton hosts a Cancer Research UK: Race For Life, as do many other major towns and cities across the UK.
And a splendid event it is too.
Unfortunately, due to another engagement, I missed the 2012 event.
In the 2011 event, a four year old child walked around the course with, on occasions [the hilly bits]:-), the aid of her parents.  And at the other end of the scale, an elderly lady in her eighties who also walked round, but with the aid of her own two walking sticks, and was the last person to finish, on what was undeniably a warm afternoon.  When asked by one of the commentators how she felt as she crossed the line, to great applause; her reply was :-
‘Oh, I couldn’t possibly say that into a public microphone.’ :-D

Here is a very small selection of images from that 2011 event

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In 2013  I shall be photographing the event again.
Images [many more :-D ] will be similarly displayed on similar pages.
Please revisit the website, to identify family members &/or event participants.