Last week a young man walked into my workshop and asked me what I was doing.

I told him, though he actually didn’t seem that interested. I got the impression that he just wanted to chat.      That’s okay. I have time to chat.
So long as this young man is not looking around too attentively; sorting out in his mind what is in the workshop and whether he, and a couple of his buddies, can carry it out during the hours of darkness. His eyes seemed to settle upon the access and the door locks.
I mentioned, just in the course of conversation you understand, that most of the machinery weighed in at approximately half a ton. I also went on to explain my thoughts on the subject of trespass, the police’s lax approach to it, and my willingness to break bones when and where necessary.
I think that he got the point because he relaxed a lot, giggled in a manic sort of fashion, and started asking my views on graffiti as an art form.

I explained that I have no problems with graffiti for the simple reason that it I can’t do anything about it. I suggested that it is rather like me telling a recently pubescent teenager that they must not masturbate because it will result in a lifetime of blindness. Their little hands will become a blur once they realise that they are not actually walking into things any more that they did before speaking to me.

So Grant says, “the government are going to pass a law banning graffiti in public places.”

Is there really any point in plastering private places with graffiti?

Yes, he’s told me that his name is Grant. And if it is, judging by the way he was casing my property and goods, I would only believe him if he then said that his surname was Edbail. But, as it happened, I had also heard a rumour that banning graffiti was part of a government programme.
They might as well introduce a law to stop all crime.
That would be novel.
Make crime a criminal offence.

Is it just me?
Does no-one else realise just how stupid people in government really are?

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