A day which didn’t start at all well ~ I was up and wide awake at 4:30am; my mind buzzing away, full of all manner of irrelevant (at 4:30am) details.  I wouldn’t have minded so much had it not been Saturday.  The refuse/recycle lorries visit our area early on a Saturday morning and I had duly placed my bin and recycle containers at the head of the driveway last night; anticipating a nice long lie-in this morning.  Pah !!! – 4:******30am. :-( :-(

During the course of the morning I gradually cleared my brain of at least most of the whirling debris:  watched the bin-men (sorry, refuse collectors) arrive at 7:30am; collected my now empty wheelie bin and boxes from the drive and made myself a cup of tea.

During the day I have managed to achieve many things which would not have even been considered if I had been allowed to lie-in as planned, so I suppose that “it’s an ill wind ….. etc etc.” :-)
But the cap on it all, is that mid-way through the afternoon, my printer crashed. Terminally, by the looks of it.
And I’ve only had it for 4 months, so it should still be under warranty.
But that doesn’t get my printing done today
I can manage without it being done – but it would have provided some accomplishment to an otherwise scrappy day, if I had been able to see a nice pile of printed material.  Even if I don’t theoretically work on a Saturday.
I would have almost been able to forgive myself for waking at 4:30am.

Tomorrow, I’ll go back to the retail outlet I purchased the printer from and commence the inevitable haggling diatribe about whose responsibility it is to return it to the manufacturer.

Wasn’t life easier when technical development was having a bell on your bike, instead of having to shout at pedestrians who stepped off the kerb in front of you?  I’ll be glad when Monday arrives and I can get back to my workshop.  (at 9:00am)    I’ve got a lovely 100 year old watercolour to re-frame during the course of next week; to full conservation standard too. :-D
I do appreciate clients who bring me work like this.  It is so satisfying.
Oh, and the seat squabs for the eight dining chairs have been re-covered and delivered back to me, so that I can also finish those, this week.

Perhaps life is not too bad, after all. :-)

Sunday morning
And the good news, to counteract yesterdays Grrr, is that I returned to my local retail outlet with my defunct printer, spoke to one of the helpful sales staff, who immediately, without quibble, replaced my now apparently out-of-date-and-broken printer with a completely-up-to-date-and-new-one.

I’m back in business and things are looking up.
Or else, something really BAD is about to happen !!!  :lol: :lol:

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