On a number of occasions within the last six months I have cut myself in the one of the workshops.  Never particularly seriously; but once sufficiently painfully to change the colour of the surrounding air, and leave me hoping that the next door neighbour was out shopping at the time.
And on each of these occasions I have cursed because the first aid facilities which we have in the home have been totally inadequate for a significant emergency, involving a serious injury.  Fortunately, as I say, nothing to date has entered that category.  However, whilst busy sticking plasters onto my remaining digits, I have repeatedly promised myself that I would put together a ‘proper’ First Aid kit.

A useful and meaningfully practical selection of :-
Adhesive plasters, in a variety of sizes.
Rolls of plaster.
Sterile dressings.
Sharp scissors & tweezers.
Bandages of various types and sizes.
Eye wash solution and an eye bath.
And a tourniquet: for arterial and life threatening cuts.

Well, the immediate problem that I encountered was that, when researching First Aid kits, most are aimed at the domestic market; and are, from a commercial point of view, about as much use as a handbrake on a canoe.
At the other end of the spectrum are the commercial products which are aimed at one employee or one to ten employees or ten to fifty employees.  And for other than the kit designed for the single employee, require a remortgage of the employment property.
And the single employee kit is similarly incapable of holding a canoe stationary on a steep hill, at traffic lights.
So I trawled the net.  I purchased two empty standard green First Aid kit boxes.
One large for the dirty workshop: and one medium for the clean workshop.
I likewise sourced the contents for each, via the net.

And the result is that I now have comprehensive First Aid facilities for both workshops, at a significant saving over the cost of the multi-employee commercial units and consisting of infinitely more practical content than the single employee and domestic versions.

My hope now is that I never have to use either of them.

What an utter waste of money :oops:   :roll: :-)

Two years down the line, I can smugly report that the exercise was not, in fact, an utter waste of money.  I have used both of the first aid boxes on a number of occasions, for a variety of superficial injuries sustained either in the normal course of work activities; or due to being simply careless.

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