A client, last week, mentioned in passing, not at all in the manner of a complaint, that he had not found it easy to locate my name on the website.  I had, obviously mistakenly, assumed that a visitor would come across my Email address. Retrospectively, I now accept that this was not a particularly wise assumption, given that the address appears on only a few pages.
So, to rectify that error, I have accordingly added my name and a thumbnail photo, click to enlarge, at your own peril :lol: plus the Northamptonshire coat of arms, to the start of my Home page.
You will probably have noticed it, when you entered the website.

I do welcome such constructive comments, and value the input of you good people who look through the website, whether occasionally, or regularly.

So, to the client concerned, a very sincere thank you, for your timely and practical observation.

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