On the Move

There is currently in circulation an understanding that Steve Goodall, previously of Drytac (HOTPRESS), is relocating to Wessex Pictures.
At present I have no idea which branch he will be operating from but, as soon as I know I will post the info on here.

To those of you who know Steve Goodall, nothing further need be said.
To those who are unfamiliar with this very knowledgeable gentleman, Steve is not only steeped in the world of picture framing, and all of its various subsidiary topics, he is also immensely generous in imparting his wealth of knowledge and expertise to anyone who has a genuine requirement of it.  Wessex Pictures will be immeasurably richer for having Steve representing them in their UK sales field.

Saturday 8th Sept @ 8:00pm
It all took place as of Monday 3rd September 2012 ~ so, it’s a done deal. :-D

Steve’s mobile number, if you wish to place an order for materials with Wessex, is:
07585 138 566
and he can be contacted by Email at :-  steveg@wessexpictures.com

In addition, because Wessex Pictures are a distributor of Drytac HOTPRESS products and consumables, if you wish to receive information about, or obtain either products or consumables, then Steve is still ‘the man’ to speak to. :-D

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