Onwards & Upwards

I’ve completed the last of the Christmas, and post-Christmas, work.
I have an arrangement with clients, prior to Christmas, that if they require their order to be completed in time to be wrapped for a Christmas gift, they must finalize the order before a given date.  If they cannot do so, they may have to wait until after Christmas for their order to be completed.
99.9% of clients comply with this requirement without a murmur.
The 0.1% who  object to this contravention of their civil liberties are politely advised to take their business elsewhere.  Which for some obscure reason most appear reluctant to do; protesting that other service providers have expressed much the same sentiment – consequently, there being no-one else to go to.  (it is almost ~ but not quite ~ heart-breaking to listen to.)
For those who don’t/can’t make the cut-off date there is the assurance that their work will be completed, sequentially, as soon as possible, following the return to the workshop after the New Year.  For this amenable group of clients, the response is often “that’s fine – let me know when it’s ready for collection.”  Or “he/she is a big boy/girl now and doesn’t believe in Father Christmas anyway.”
For these, the work is always completed ASAP.

And these are the commissions which are now all complete.

For this coming week, I have a delicate job for a prestigious engineering company. Located locally, but known world-wide.  With a reputation for excellence.  So this will be precision work – to the highest standards. 
(the same as all of my other work, for everyone else then?) :lol: ;-)

I have three photographic commissions.  One fairly mundane.  But no less important, for that.   The other two, quite interesting and further afield.  I’m looking forward to those.
Then a day processing and editing the results of the three shoots.
And to round off the week – two fairly elaborate framing orders.
Plus, the completion of an on-going military presentation item.

2013, so far, is coming up smelling of roses‘  :-D

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