Payment in Kind

My friend came round yesterday ~ it’s amazing how many friends you discover you have when you can photograph competently well, frame what you’ve printed and turn wood on a lathe, which permits circular or elliptical frames too. :-D :-D
They spring up from all sorts of unlikely places.
In all fairness, this friend lives just across the road from me and has been a friend for many, many years.  During the last 25 years we’ve been through thick and thin together.
He wanted to make a frame for a photo of two of his grandchildren.
He had purchased the framing material – a small hockey finished in chantilly.
Could he please use the Morso guillotine and underpinner?

He made the frame, approximately 10″ x 8″, with only minimal input from myself.
We went up into my clean workshop and he cut himself a piece of glass.
He then told me that his wife had specified that it was to be a ‘stander’ to accompany a similar photograph of his third grandchild, on the hearth of the fireplace, in the lounge.
Could I make him a standing-back please?

Well, to cut a long story short, he went away with his photo, suitably framed and ready to stand beside the third granddaughter.  Seemingly  delighted with the finished article, but inevitably making silly comments about paying for the glass and the backing etc.

We long ago established that whatever we do to help each other, money doesn’t change hands and there is no accounting of; he owes me this; or I owe him that.  That has never been the way we’ve worked things out.  It’s always been a ‘swings & roundabouts’ thing.

My wife came in this evening and said “that blue bag in the kitchen must be for you.  I found it in the porch on the way in and it’s not mine.”  I duly found the blue plastic shopping bag she was talking about.
Eight cans of 1664 happy juice.
I have no idea where they came from :roll: :-?, but I’m prepared to lay good odds on that my friend from across the road will help me to drink at least half of them.   :lol:  That’s what ‘swings & roundabouts’ means, isn’t it? :-D .

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