Environmental Works NN3 Oct 2012

This topic concentrates entirely upon works carried out by Land & Water Services Ltd, under commission from the The Environment Agency & Northampton Borough Council.
The contract is to dredge and remove the accumulated build-up of silt and, what has subsequently been determined as non-toxic matter, from the bed of the small lake adjacent to Billing Road East, Northampton.

This record, primarily photographic ~ with written explanation where appropriate and necessary, is divided into three subsections, namely :-
Dredging Works
Wildlife Survival & Preservation, &

It will, I am sure, be appreciated that any photos included under the heading  of General are intended to be merely a place where arbitrary record shots, taken during the course of the works, can be readily placed without them detracting from the specific topics of -
The Works, &
The Wildlife Preservation

For instance; it will be as well to remember that the first series of six photos depicting the excavator driver, participating in some well-earned relaxation, is in direct contrast to the fact that this man is probably the person obliged, because of his job responsibilities, to carry out the loin’s share of the dredging work.¬† Today for instance, Thursday 11th October, work commenced at 6:30am and finished at the end of a miserably wet day at 5:30pm.
A long haul, with a lot accomplished.