Dredging Works

A selection of photos showing the work in progress.
The right hand side of the lake (which the machinery is positioned upon) was originally overgrown with vegetation and reed-beds and the overhanging branches of the trees.  The first week of the works was consumed by cutting back the trees and removing all of the vegetation and laying a working surface to establish the machinery upon.
The channel, next to the right hand bank (which has the reflection of the Komatsu jib in) was the first water diversionary course and was not part of the original bank feature.
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As can be seen, the team are now down to the clay bed level in places; which sets benchmarks for the programming of the works.

At the end of the first complete week of excavation

And, of course, if you have been following the progress so far, and have viewed the Wildlife and General sections, or even passed that way, you will know that overnight the lake has completely refilled and at least some of the wildlife have returned.