Dredging Works

Wednesday 17th October
A day of many parts, it seems.
The lake has re-filled.  The excavator which last night was parked up and secured in the centre of the lake, is still there in the same position at 2:00pm with it’s bucket fully submerged.  In Weston Mill Lane, the secondary road adjacent to the lake, are three 16 tonne eight wheelers waiting to be loaded with silt.  That isn’t happening due to remedial work to the bucket of the excavator on the upper bank.  Chequer plate has been site-welded to the sides of the bucket to increase it’s carrying capacity.  I can only assume that this is due to the silt being removed, becoming increasingly liquid in texture and less solid.  On a positive note; the welding is excellent  :lol:
1st Class welding 1st Class marooned :-o

Monday 22nd October

A great deal of the work is nearing completion

Work in progress on the west end of the lake

The silt deposit is appreciably greater at this western end

Now that the lake is empty (once more) and the dredging process is coming toward its conclusion, the size of the lake is very much more obvious than when it is full of water, overgrown with reed-beds, and visual attention is concentrated upon the various activities of the wildlife.  Its designation as a ‘lake’ as opposed to simply a ‘pond’ is much more apparent.  I will take some shots of it, upon completion, to compare with the original shots, at the commencement of the works.