Dredging Works

Friday 26th October
Yesterday Dean and Dave excavated a lateral silt interceptor trap across ¾ of the width of the lake, 1.0M – 1½M deep, into which silt will collect, so that in future, only this interceptor will require dredging, rather than the whole lake. the interceptor, which is in essence nothing more than a long, wide, deep trench or pit, is below the surface of the water, which has filled it as work progresses.
the in-feed stream is to the left. viewed toward the in-feed stream
Prior to taking these photos, I spoke to Glyn Davis, the Environment Agency’s senior man for the project.  He explained that in the the centre of the area above will be a retained floating island for the swans to nest upon, when the lake refills.  I suspect that the swans will first have to dispossess all of the ducks, moorhens, coots and anything else that flies and paddles from the refuge, before they can start to breed though.  :lol:
He also outlined the plans for the area adjacent to the trees, which the excavators are presently positioned upon, including preventative measures to deter non-wildlfe habitation in the interim whilst the natural vegetation reasserts itself.
One interesting observation which he made was that, feeding bread to the wildlife is not the best thing for them, from a nutritional point of view.  Everyone takes their children and grandchildren to see the ducks ~ to throw bread to them.  Apparently, according to Glyn, you may not be doing them the good that you think you are.      Food for thought  !!!  :-D