Dredging Works

Thursday 1st November
We appear to have our lake back It is very bare and spartan looking.
The ducks are swimming around in the centre of what is now, comparatively, a vast expanse of clear water, looking quite bewildered. Much more so than during the hustle, bustle and noise of the dredging process.  a broad expanse of nothing but water.  I’m sure that natural cover for the wildlife will return, but it promises to be a fairly bleak winter for them, unless they find refuge elsewhere. looking west, through the branches of the willows, a lot of cover has disappeared.notwithstanding the comments made above, this view provides the very positive effect of the dredging works.  I’m unsure, at the moment, whether the central retained nesting provision, which Glyn Davis described, is in position, or not.  Certainly the ducks appear to feel most secure in the centre of the lake, but this may simply be due to the lack of cover around the periphery.
I’m sure that spring growth will bring about a dramatic transformation.
Spring merely seems a long way off, at the moment :lol: :lol:

I am, however, a little disappointed to note that although all of the large excavators have gone; along with the portable offices/canteen/toilet and the security storage containers; whilst there is some small plant still on the access bank, the site appears to have been left wide open to access to anyone.
Local children, itinerants, fly-tippers etc, via the Billing Road East site access.
This may be particularly relevant given that the school children are on their half-term break at the moment, and if unsupervised, are at considerable risk from the now fairly steeply banked access to the open water, which was previously denied, due to natural foliage growth and reed-beds.
I hope and trust that the Environment Agency &/or the Borough Council have plans to address these possibly potential risks in the immediate future; or they may find themselves in serious conflict with more than one or two of the local populace.

Some of the natives around here are particularly fierce    :roll:   :lol: :lol:

Monday 12 November
Local residents  will be pleased to note that today, contractors are erecting fencing across the access gap, which I have been advised by Glyn Davis of the Environment Agency, will be in place by the end of work today.  Glyn, having courteously rung specifically to advise me of progress, also told me that the new trees and the secured nesting float for the swans will be installed in February 2013.
On behalf of the local residents, I would like to offer sincere thanks to Glyn personally for his management of the project, and the Environment Agency for the professional manner and consideration with which the completion of this work has been brought about.