Please do remember that this driver has just completed a four hour work shift

Saturday 13th October:
The lake refilled with water overnight, following the closing of the site for the weekend.  Monday morning will presumably see the recommencement of the pumping operation, to dispose of the water, to enable the dredging process to continue.  Shots of the fowl, back on the water, are in the Wildlife section.

Monday 15th October

Tuesday 16th October
Given that I seem to have shown a number of shots on this page of the driver either having a rest or having a drink; let me dispel any suggestion which I appear, quite inadvertently, to have presented that I always seem to catch him relaxing.  As I’ve said before, so far he has done the lion’s share of the work and the following will, I hope, go toward making that clear.
Otherwise, I suspect that he well may throw me into the silt   :roll: :lol:

And, let me now introduce you to the very youngest of the local spectators

Now that the two excavators are hard at work; one in the centre of the lake and the other on the edge, the lion’s share of the work is being equally divided.  As soon as he allows me to, or I can catch him unawares, I’ll put some shots up of the 2nd driver.  :-)

And the person who must not be forgotten of course is the guy who doesn’t drive, but appears to do just about everything else.  He doesn’t speak a lot of English, so communication between him and myself is very much an abundance of sign language.  I will try to get some shots of him too.
I will also attempt to discover the names of all of the various people involved in the project.