I have just received the following Email, kindly sent by Glyn Davis, of the Environmental Agency, to update upon the completion of the works

14th January 2013  @ 13:30pm

Hi Jack

Happy New Year to you, update on the dredged lake.
The floating platform for the wildlife is now on order.
Trees to be planted in the area where the machines stood are to be 30 Hazel trees, 7 field maple, 3 Rowan trees and 10 Viburnum,  all staked and protected,

Glyn Davis

Operations Technical Support Team
Environment Agency
Nene House
NN15 6JQ

01536 385136

Sustainably reducing the risk of flooding and its impact on people, property and the environment

 5th February 2013

True to their promise, the Environment Agency authorised the planting of the trees, and on the 4th February contractors planted the trees and provided the protection around them, to commence the reinstatement of the Billing Road East side bank of the lake.
It would appear that the trees have been planted in such a manner and arrangement that future dredging of the lake, via the interceptor trench, can be performed without further damage to the bankside foliage.

Very commendable.

Sunday 10th March 2013.

The Environment Agency have  again been  true to their word.
This morning I noted that the moored nesting platform promised for the centre of the lake, on the corner of Billing Road East & Weston mill Lane, has been installed.

Thank you, the E A, for a programme of work successfully completed on time and to budget :-)