Wildlife Survival & Preservation

Ducks are, apparently, adaptable and not easily fazed Happy to search the lake bed from the reduced water level whilst the work progresses.  Certainly not oblivious to all that is going on, but apparently unconcerned by it all.
Feeding continues, in the lee of the jib’s reflection
Even when the jib moves about, in the course of the work they give every impression of being remarkably unconcerned.  It is certainly my impression that the contracting team are making life as easy as possible for the wildlife which remains.
The coots and the moorhens departed on the first day that the contractors entered the site.  Surprisingly, so did the land-gulls; though they may have moved to arable ploughed locations by now.  Unsurprisingly, the heron has not been seen for a couple of weeks.
This provides some concept of the proximity of the machinery, working from the opposite bank
This cluster have emerged in process of clearance