Decorative Mounts

Washlines & so much more

Traditional picture framers have always offered their client the opportunity to benefit from the exclusivity and often unique features of the hand decorated window mount.  This complement to the artwork it surrounds should, like the frame itself, never draw the eye away from the art, rather its aim is to enhance and draw the eye into the art.  And herein lies the skill of mount decoration.  Whilst it can be as elaborate, simple, chic, nouveau, deco, plain or as elegant as you, the client desire, the interpretation of such requirement to ensure that it remains secondary, yet an integral component of the framing, to enhance the art, is the responsibility of the framer.
Being able to advise upon the type, style, period and expression of decoration for your window mount, to complement your artwork, is a skill which I will always seek to retain and develop: particularly in times when the trend is for the modern; and many of the old skills are being discarded, or lost entirely due to lack of use and application.
In addition to the conventional and traditional washlines and ink forms, there are many materials available in the form of papers, cloths, silks, veneers & inlays which can, when designed with care, transform your art without in any manner detracting from, or imposing upon it
It is true that mount decoration does produce an additional cost factor when considering the outlay of purchasing your framing.  And, it may be argued that much contemporary art neither justifies nor requires the expenditure.  However, if your art is of significant value to you, even though the value may be greater than financial, whatever its style or heritage, then the framing of your treasure is a means of increasing the value, and the delight it will provide to yourself, your friends and your family.

Please do feel free to discuss the possibilities of your window mount decoration.  It invariably produces a pleasant surprise, when the cost is found to be not exorbitant, compared to the enhancement of the artwork and pleasure it produces.