Decorative Mounts

On the following pages are examples of some of the decorative effects which can be produced to enhance your window mount.  And some examples of multiple aperture window mounts, to enable a number of related images to be viewed within one frame.

This is obviously not a definitive collection of all that is available.  There really is no limit to what can be achieved – this is merely a sample.
Progressively, pages will be added as time goes by.
What is possible is determined by four very simple factors :-

1.  the extent of your imagination and your requirement
2.  the availability of the materials required to realise your requirement.
3.  if your imagination has limitations, the extent of my imagination, and my understanding of what is achievable and of  what you wish to achieve
4.  and finally, of course, the capacity of your pocket, wallet or purse     :lol:  although you will very possibly be pleasantly surprised to find that it need not be quite so capacious as you may have, at first, imagined  ;-)

multi-aperture in single & double window mounts & elliptical window

same style & colour – each with different tones

a washline – double V grooves – washlines with Inklines

gold line & inkline – featured inkline

washlines & inklines on a marbled, or similar, mount