Mount Options

I use 3 types of mount-boards – Whitecore, Conservation & Museum.

Old mounts often have a brown bevel edge; which is caused by the lignin (tree sap) in the board fibres. Lignin is the binder which holds wood and paper fibres together. Over time lignin becomes acidic to varying degrees. This process will be accelerated by the presence of heat and also of light. The acid may causes the board to discolour and may migrate from the board and into the artwork causing varying degrees of damage to it.
This type of mount-board is sometimes referred to as standard.  Standard board will alway, in time, produce discolouration in some respect.

To prevent this the solution is to use:-

Whitecore board
I will only ever use it for non-valuable and replaceable art:  photos or mass produced prints etc. It is manufactured from chemically purified wood pulp, entirely free of lignin, and is pH neutral.

Conservation board
Is made from a high quality cellulose material, purified of lignin and containing an alkaline buffer to protect the board and artwork from acidic impurities. This type of mount-board will always be used by me for artwork of any significant value; be it financial or sentimental, unless the client specifies against it on the basis of cost.  However, I will always attempt to persuade my client to consider the value of their artwork before deciding whether the board is worth the relatively small extra expense.

Museum board
Is made from 100% cotton fibers, which naturally contains no lignin whatsoever. It also contains an alkaline buffer.  It is possible to acquire un-buffered board for use with particular types of artwork however. Museum boards are indisputably the highest quality, and provide the most significant level of protection for any type or manner of artwork.

This is small sample of the mount material I stock.

Like the framing sections, there are very many varieties, colours and qualities of mount-board. And variety of colour can be combined in double mounts, to produce a very pleasing effect to the immediate surround of your artwork.  Likewise window mounts can be designed to incorporate any shape or effect.  The only restriction is the extent of ones imagination.  Any colour of board, or brand of board, produced by a particular manufacturer, can usually be ordered and acquired within a relatively short timescale.  So it is very unlikely that your requirements cannot be met.

What is generally referred to as standard mount-board is white core, but with no guarantee that the core edge will remain white. It will often yellow slightly with age due to the effects of sunlight.  However if you choose a cream board and your artwork is of no financial or sentimental value, standard board can provide a very competitively priced mount material.

My supplier is able offer a very large variety of mountboards, including their
own products
. In addition however, they are also able to supply from the following manufacturers too :-
I primarily use Arqadia, because it is a good quality board, at a competitive price:  but if you would like to have any other mountboard for your artwork, because of its colour, texture or finish, I will agreeable source it for you.

Two very important factors to be considered when choosing mountboard, with the intention of preserving its colour, vibrance and integrity, is the subsequent choice of glass.  These glazing choices are available in the following section; to provide you with the opportunity to make an informed judgement about the way you will view and preserve your artwork.