Hand-Finished Frames

Do you require, or simply desire, a frame which is unique?

If so, the way to achieve that is to commission your frame to be hand finished.  You select the profile(s) of the frame moulding, in the timber species of your choice, and select the finish which most suits your artwork and the decoration and furnishings of the room in which your artwork is to be displayed. When you receive the finished article, you will become the possessor of a truly unique item.

Costs will, of course, reflect the additional time and professional skills required to complete the work: however, if you believe that the value of your artwork and your desire for something very special, demand the best, I am confident  that you will be satisfied that your expenditure is justified.   And, if your artwork justifies such ‘above-the-norm’ expenditure in terms of the mount(s) and  framing because of its value and preservation requirement, you may well deem it worth considering completing the ‘artwork-package’ with a product such as Artglass™ 92%UV anti-reflective glass ~ or Tru-Vue™ 99%UV RC or Museum glass; which will show your art in the best possible light, with the least visible interference, and virtually maximum protection.

Please contact me to arrange an appointment, to discuss your requirements.