Pot-Purri Bowl #

As an interim for today (Tuesday) I have mitred the end grain inclined corners, (below)
so that the four sides are now ready for assembly.  It has taken some time to do them and involved many repeated sharpenings of the plane blade.
The remainder of the day will be spent making the clamp framing, which hopefully, I will upload shots of tomorrow, as promised. :lol:

Day 4 ~ Wednesday

These two shots are of the ‘dry-assembly’ jig: as you can see, using the ancient twist-the-strings method of clamping, so favoured by the Egyptians. :-D  Whilst some may mock the apparent crudity, it is a very simple, yet surprisingly efficient means of clamping.
The first of the two pictures show the eight nails positioned on the base board to assemble the pyramid in a manner which makes it self-supporting.  The tourniquet strings can then be applied at the base level and at the perimeter level.  Also attached to the base-board, though not visible here, is a small softwood frame over which the base of the bowl fits when it is inverted.  (when gluing takes place, small wedges can be pushed in, between the sides of the bowl and the frame, to enable perfect alignment.)

Now the bowl can be inverted so that an inspection can be made of the accuracy of the mitres, and their alignment, inside the bowl.  These, at this stage, are the crucial points because once the bowl is glued up, little can be done to these as they become difficult to get to with tools, to work on.
All of the remaining work is to the outside of the bowl, so whilst the mitres there require the same level of accuracy in terms of being closed, alignment is not the primary issue.
When gluing takes place, four small hardwood corners will be used to the top perimeter to enable it to be clamped very firmly with a picture framing clamp.  This and the wedges applies to the base will take over the clamping, from the twisted-string, whilst the glue sets.  I’ll show the four small hardwood corners in the next batch of shots.

If you’ve followed the progress so far, you will understand where Day 3 disappeared to :lol:

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