Pot-Purri Bowl #

This shot shows the four hardwood corners in position and the steel band framing clamp securing the top of the bowl.   There’s no glue in the joints yet, as I had to make some minor adjustments to one of the mitres, to get it to close up properly.  The hardwood corners are cut at 30° along one leg and parallel along the other.  The section is then mitred, to form the corner.  They are made this way so that, not only do they grip the top edge well, they don’t tip when the band clamp is tightened .  It did take me a moment or two to realise that if I handy-wrapped the corners to the top edge of the bowl they wouldn’t keep falling to the floor, whilst I was trying to position the clamp  :oops:  It comes from only having two hands, instead of three :lol: :roll:
The clamp around the base of the bowl is a simple nylon webbing frame clamp.  Lightweight, but useful nevertherless.

As you can see, the clamps pull the mitres together positively and it bodes well for tomorrow when I glue-up.  It is advisable to have a second body on the premises during the gluing-up process, even if it’s only on the basis of having a spare pair of hands available, if necessary.  I don’t anticipate any insurmountable problems, having gone through the ‘dry’ process, but you never know.  If anything is going to go wrong, it is bound to do so when you have just glued all eight mitre joints and need to get them together, positioned accurately and clamped within the next ten minutes.  I always take my mobile phone out of the workshop and into the house, whenever I’m gluing up something like this.  The last thing I need at a time like that, is a rep phoning to ask if I would like to try out a new profile of picture frame material. :roll: :-?

Here you can see the top edge hardwood corners in position and their profile much more clearly.  Having now inverted the bowl so that the inside faces are clearly visible slight adjustments can be made, by tapping the outside faces with a small pein hammer, until the accuracy you require is achieved on the inside faces of the mitres.

So Thursday morning is when all of the careful work of the week, so far, comes to fruition.
Once the bowl profile is glued up, all that remains is to fit the base and glue that into position and clean up the base edges, so that the bowl sits flat upon the table.

Then it is the relatively simple process of shaping and completing the outside of the bowl.
The finishing and final photos will probably be uploaded over the weekend.
The client has been into the workshop today and is pleased with the work so far, and with the progress of the work.
Which is always not only satisfying, but also something of a relief. :-)
She did incidentally, during the course of conversation, disclose that she would like to receive the finished article before the **th October – because that is her birthday.
So I suspect I know who is going to be footing the bill for this piece of work.  :lol: :lol:
We finalized the details and sorted out the type of finish required, so tomorrow, if all goes according to plan, I’ll be doing the last of the photos.
The rig – the clamps – the clamp blocks – finishing materials & polishes.
As well as the photos of the completed bowl ~ ready for despatch to the client.

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