Well, it is taking a while to set up the website, but that is primarily my responsibility, rather than Neil’s, who designed and built the website for me.  My skills are essentially practical as opposed to IT intelligent, as are Neil’s, and it has taken me a while to familiarize myself with this up-to-now mysterious world of Posts, Pages, Galleries, Tabs and Widgets.

But I am getting the hang of it.  Slowly; and probably in a very rudimentary fashion. But any improvement is preferable to sitting in front of my PC monitor bemoaning the fact that I am, if not entirely IT illiterate, then certainly at present, not immensely capable.

So please bear with me.  Be patient.   In relatively short order I will be displaying a lot of:-

decorative wood-turning:

hand finished picture frames and picture mounts:

ready made stock picture frames and picture mounts:


framed and finished artwork:

free-standing, unmounted and unframed artwork:

and all from the heart of Northamptonshire.

Plus a number of useful links to other associated websites &/or business contacts, that I have either found to be an invaluable source of information, or those I have been pleased to be associated with, in business.

I can now be contacted either by using the Contact Me facility here on the website, or directly by Email.  ——-  if you find the text box in the contact form too restrictive.




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