ePHOTOzine is a UK based worldwide photographic website:  originated by Pete Bargh, it is now administered by a management team from a building called the Tower in Worksop in Nottinghamshire.
It’s current membership is somewhere in the region of 150,000.
It is an enormous photographic resource and an active forum venue too.

When a community is this large, it is inevitable that it will attract representation from virtually every form of photographic interest.  And ePHOTOzine does just that.
It also, of course, has its fair share of all of the diversities of personality that should be expected from such a comprehensive and cosmopolitan membership.  Consequently, one learns to pick and choose. Be selective.
And such an approach is very necessary in a community which has the potential to be a psychologists’ Utopia. :lol: :lol:
Likewise, there are photographers from all walks of life and all bands of the photographic spectrum.  Beginners, who have never handled a camera until recently.  Those who only use a camera phone.  Film buffs of all of the various genrés.  And, of course, digital camera owners – compacts, bridge, DX DSLRs, FX DSLRs, ~ Amateurs, semi-professionals, commercial professionals, each specialising in landscape, portrait, wedding, nature, glamour, aircraft etc.  There is even one well known, and much appreciated photographer, who photographs virtually nothing but grot and rust.
And does it very well too. :-)

Pop along and have a browse.
It costs nothing to join ~ though you may buy into what is called e2 membership, which provides additional benefits to the free membership.
You will receive a warm welcome from most.  But be advised that it is probably not wise to upload your first photos into the Critique Gallery, without careful thought and prior perusal.
One or two who demand the right to critique others work, are not best suited to informed analysis and beneficial encouragement.  Their style of self-opinionated dissemination and judgemental arrogance, link very comfortably with the terms ‘predatory‘ and ‘inadequate‘, which most often spring easily to mind.  However, the majority of those who critique, including all of the official Critique Team, do so very well and are an immense asset to those who wish to learn and improve their own photography.
The problem is that there is no provision to chose who critiques your uploads.
And, in all honesty, such a provision would probably be impossible to administer.
Why the administrators don’t just deal appropriately with those who repeatedly cause offence, and who on occasions, drive new members away, is a complete mystery to many who populate the site.
The administrators are certainly aware of the tensions caused by the activities of the ‘photographic prima-donnas’.
However, it is the administrators website and, as such, they have the freedom to manage it in the manner that they feel is most appropriate.    :-)

There are, of course, many many truly wonderful people on the site and they are often at their very best, not only in the Galleries, but also with their enlightening and, at times entertaining, contributions to the various discussion/advice/specialist/off-topic & learning Forums.

As when joining any community of fellow human beings, you will need to find out where you fit.  Once you have done so, and established some genuine friendships, the website is a vast and wonderful resource.
I certainly benefit from it, and enjoy being a (very insignificant ;-) ) part of it