ItchyPHOTO is an English language photography website, originated and administered by the Toulouse based English ex professional product photographer, Phillip McCordall.
The site hasn’t been in existence long, but it is indisputably thriving.
Some of the facilities which one has come to expect from large multi-national or worldwide photography sites are not yet up and running:   work, however, is continually taking place behind the scenes to improve the functionality of the website, and its ease of use.

Phillip is immensely knowledgeable about photography, having worked for many household name European companies during his long career, where he was based primarily in Belgium.
He is also very down to earth and approachable – always willing to help and advise when help and advice is requested.  But also, very willing to learn from anyone who registers with his website and uploads photos there.   And that approach is rare, if not unique  :-)

And equally important is that many very good photographers are joining the site, in numbers.  And that doesn’t happen if the site doesn’t work; or provide what the photographers are looking for.  So the continual increase in the membership is in itself a very good indication of its value to the photographic community.
One very noticeable contribution by members is in the area of tutorials.
I find it immensely refreshing that people join the website community and withing a relatively short period of time, feel sufficiently comfortable to submit a tutorial on a subject area in which they have a particular expertise.  And, it is an indication of the potential richness of the site that the site administrators allow members to contribute in such a manner: and that members do not feel that all of the tutorials need to be produced by Phill.

If you would like to view Phillip teaching, in his own inimitable style, have a look at on youtube.