Thinking Outside The Box

Here is an example of thinking outside-of-the-box, or within the box, if you prefer.

I was talking to one of the partners, at my framing suppliers, this morning and explained that I intend to make several six foot pentagon shaped revolving rotundas, to display frame chevrons upon.

He told me of one of his lady customers, who meets her clients in their homes, and uses a decorators paste table top to display her chevrons.
She has removed the flimsy table legs and braces; lined the underside of the table top with felt, and attaches her chevrons onto both underside sections, which fold against each other, with conventional Velcro tabs.

To transport it ~ it folds flat & has a carrying handle, with two clips to hold it together ~ to display the chevrons, it is freestanding, partly opened on a dining table, or even set up on the floor.
She has apparently decorated the outside in some manner to make it not immediately identifiable as a paste table, when she visits her customers with it.

A novel idea I have neither heard of before, nor thought of.

I may give it a try.

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