If you are a fisherman, the following may amuse you.

I was browsing eBay a few nights ago and spotted a ‘Heavy-Duty Tripod Adaptor‘.  It was described as being for a camera, but also incorporating a hook, slung on the underside which could, in addition to your interest in photography, be used for weighing carp.
Intrigued, I read the description and scrutinized the photo. The starting bid for the adaptor was £1.99.  And I was quite unsure just which part of what could be viewed as several different items, mounted upon three tripod legs, would constitute the said adaptor.  So, being the wild and reckless character that I am, :lol: and given the low starting price and there being no bidders with 45 minutes to go, I decided to watch it to the end and maybe bid for it.
Just to finds out what it was.
And, I bid at the last moment with no opposing bidders, and someone else bid in the last 4 seconds with a bid of £2.19p !!!! :-)
Ah well.  Nothing lost.  Except that I’ll never know what it was.

Then half an hour later, eBay mailed me to state that the seller had provided me with a Second Chance Offer to purchase, at the price that I had bid ~ because the winning bidder had retracted his bid or was unable/unwilling to pay.  So with a renewed resurgence of adventure, I accepted the Second Chance Offer, and purchased the adaptor for the princely sum of £1.99p.

When it was delivered, several days later, I still had no idea what it was for.
Or how it could possibly be used for photography.  However, what was manifestly evident was the very high quality of the materials, the engineering production processes and the finish of the adaptor. 
600x600 Tripod Adaptor600x600 Tripod Adaptor V2
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Fortunately, my eldest son Gareth, is a very keen and knowledgeable fisherman.   So, given the reference to weighing carp, I sought his advice.
I suggested to him that I would make some aluminium legs for it.
He suggested instead that I buy three ‘bank sticks’ for about £3-4 each, as he was sure that the three brass threaded items on the adaptor would have the commercially unconventional thread, but one common to all fishing equipment, including bank sticks.  He even went to the trouble to bring me three of his own bank sticks, to try the threading with.  And he was right.
(ever since he was a very small boy, he has had this disturbing and unsettling habit of being almost always right.     Most disconcerting at times, for a parent)

Anyway, I found a double ended screw unit with the same thread as the adaptor/bank sticks, with a ¼” screw on the other end to accommodate the female screw on the underside of the camera body ~ and ordered that.
That is on its way.     And as you can see – has now arrived.
I have also ordered three telescopic bank sticks, and they too are on the way.

So I should finish up with a very high quality, robust and outdoor tripod, for the exorbitant sum of £15-83p.  I’ll have to see how it compares with my £300 Manfrotto tripod.   :lol: :roll: :-D
(er …..   I didn’t pay £300 for it – that’s what they cost, to buy new.)

Fishing Tripod 02
not the best photo in the world, but for the price paid, a good deal.   :lol:

Gareth concluded by explaning that a fisherman would have a set-up such as this, upon which he would have a small but significant Mp compact camera attached, capable of being remote controlled.  He would weigh his fish then step back and photograph himself, with his catch; recording date & time, with the weight, before consigning the fish to the keep net.
I had no idea.    :-o :roll:  It’s another world, of which I have no concept.  :-D


2 thoughts on “Tripod

  1. You old tightwad!

    Actually, I think that what you’ve stumbled upon is excellent and the cost is precisely £15.83 more than I paid for my tripod.
    I reckon yours might be more use though!


  2. I would have thought that £31.66 was an extortionate price to pay for a tripod, in those days, Bren ?
    I’ve never been called a tightwad before (many other things, but … )
    I’m unsure whether to be flattered, or not :-D