Light Pulls (1)

Each one unique; turned either from English Oak (the lighter wood) or West African Mahogany; or the two species spliced together to produce an entirely original integral effect.

The mahogany pulls are produced from timber which is known to have been felled well in excess of 100 years ago: in the final years of Queen Victoria’s reign.

I provide an assurance with all of my turned work that the item that you receive will be, and will remain, unique.

I will never turn a copy of your purchase.  Unless you commission a set of a particular item to be produced.

The same assurance will, of course, apply to your set.

Each of the larger items are for sale at £5.75 + P&P

Each of the two smaller integral items are For sale at £3.75 + P&P

Each of the two smallest items, in oak, are For sale at £2.50 + P&P

If you require a set of a particular item, please contact me to provide details and to receive a revised price (item and P&P discounts will be provided, subject to the quantity of items ordered)

I have many more similar items in stock – far too many to illustrate on the website. If you would like to receive a mailshot of my entire stock of light-pulls, please contact me and I will be pleased to forward details to you.