Spalted Beech Bowl

A decorative bowl turned from an attractive piece of spalted beech 8″ diameter x 3″ high.

Spalting is a decorative feature in the fibres of certain timbers, caused by discolouration due to fungal attack between the felling and the processing stages of commercial timbers.
The timber fibres themselves are not infected with fungii spores, only the discolouration indicates that any fungus has been in contact with the timber prior to its drying-out stage of seasoning.  The discolouration (spalting) can be very attractive and of course, entirely unique, in many of the light coloured timbers.  Lime, lilac and sycamore, for instance.

The bowl is finished  with Danish Oil, making it suitable to be used to contain food; such as a dining table fruit bowl.  It can be wiped with a slightly damp clean cloth and is easily re-oiled if, over a period of time, it loses its sheen.

For sale at £17.00 + £5.35 P&P,  Total £22.35